Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bee School 2012 Flyer and Registration Form

As of 1/29/2012, the bee school is CLOSED to any more participants...we have reached capacity!

Bee School 2012
Saturday, February 4, 2012  -  8am to 4pm
University of Illinois Extension Center
1209 N. Wenthe, Effingham IL

Topics & Presenters
Welcome to Beekeeping - Larry Quicksall
Beekeeping Basics - Lonnie Langley
Bee Biology: The Amazing Honey Bee - Mark Dyer
Getting Bees: Packages, Nucs & Swarms - Lisa Dhom
Seasonal Management of Your Hives - Dave Dhom
Pest & Disease Control - Eleanor Balson

Costs: $30 - Includes bee school, handouts,
the book "First Lessons in Beekeeping",
refreshments, catered lunch, and door prizes.

Venders will be on-site with assorted
beekeeping equipment for purchase.

Click on the below link to download
the bee school flyer and registration form!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Upcoming Bee School

The Crossroads Beekeepers will be holding a Bee School for new beekeepers on Saturday, February 4, 2012, from 8am to 4pm, at the University of Illinois Extension Center in Effingham, Illinois.

More information coming soon!!!

Welcome to Crossroads Beekeepers

The Crossroads Beekeepers meets on the 2nd Monday of the month in the basement of the University of Illinois Extension Center, 1209 N. Wenthe, Effingham, Illinois.  Meetings run from 6:30pm to 8:00pm and are open to the public. 

The Crossroads Beekeepers started in August 2010 when eight people met at Joe Sippers to talk about bees and the idea of starting a club in Effingham.  From that initial meeting the club grew to 60 members by the end of its first year.

The primary purpose of the Crossroads Beekeepers is to promote, protectg and encourage the craft of beekeeping through awareness, education and networking.  Every meeting has an educational program on a beekeeping topic plus an opportunity to meet and connect with area beekeepers.

For more information on the Crossroads Beekeepers, please contact Larry Quicksall, founder, at 217-347-5937.

Monday, December 12, 2011

December Honey Tasting

At the December 12, 2011, meeting of the Crossroads Beekeepers we enjoyed a fun and taste honey competition.  Below are a few photos from the evening!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Projects that Pop

Larry Quicksall set up a beekeeping booth at the Effingham County 4-H "Projects that Pop" program on December 8, 2011.  Several youth and adults stopped by the booth to taste some fresh honey and learn a bit about bees and beekeeping.