Saturday, February 4, 2012

2012 Bee School BIG SUCCESS!

What a fantistic first bee school conducted by the Crossroads Beekeepers.  We had to cut off registration a week before, but we had right at about 100 people total, of which 70 were participants.  A quick poll during the opening session showed that nearly all the participants were new to beekeeping. 

Our presenters included:
  • Larry Quicksall on Welcome to Beekeeping
  • Rich Ramsey, Vice President, and Mike Mason, Treasurer, of the Illinois State Beekeepers Association, spoke on the ISBA and benefits of membership.
  • Lonnie Langley on Beekeeping Basics
  • Mark Dyer on Honey Bee Biology
  • Lisa Dhom on Getting Bees
  • Dave Dhom on Hive Management
  • Eleanor Balson on Pests and Diseases
Many club members set up educational displays including:
  • Len Chandler on Antique Bee Equipment
  • Larry Quicksall on Bee Photos
  • Cindy Horton on Nectar & Pollen Plants
  • John Killough and Rick Russell on Top Bar Hives
  • John Killough and John Michl on Bee Vacuums
In addition, Other club members were involved in very important tasks for the school:
  • Cathy Chandler for the Mentoring Program
  • Eleanor Balson and her team for set-up and break-down
  • Dawn Quicksall and her team for registration
  • Dave Crocket and Cindy Horton for Kitchen & Refreshments
  • Dave & Lisa Dhom on packet assembly
  • Lance Fulk as treasurer
  • And all those who pitched in to help along the way!
Below are a few of the photos from the bee school....more photos will be posted later.

Below is John Killough's Top-Bar Hive Display along with his bee vaccuum.

Below is Rick Russell's Top-Bar Hive that he made and sold at the school.

Below is Cindy Horton's Disply on Nectar and Pollen Plants including seed samples.

Lots of conversations and examining the various displays.

Below is John Michl teaching about his home made bee vacuum.

Below, "Big T" Tim Lindley teaches on bees and beekeeping at his vendor booth.

Jason Weaver and his daughter at his vendor booth selling cypress hive woodenware.

Cathy Chandler, the club's Mentor Coordinator, signed up several "NewBees" into our new Mentor Program linking new beekeepers with experienced mentors.

Below, Jan & Scott with Isabees keeping busy supplying school participants with the tools and supplies for successful beekeeping.

Dave Dhom teaching on Hive Management.

Eleanor Balson teaching on pests and diseases.

Mark Dyer teaching on Bee Biology.

Lisa Dhom teaching on how to get your bees.

The basement was packed to capacity!

Below is Franklin Schwartz who won the 5 frame nuc donated by John Michl.

Below is Sandy Elam who won the cypress hive donated by Jason Weaver.

More photos and information about the school to come.....

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