Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Swarms!

Bees Are Swarming!  This past Friday a swarm was seen at Effingham City Hall where it moved from a holly bush to a nice warm Hummer parked in the lot.  Jonathan Donaldson captured them and was able to get his first hive going!  The Effingham Daily News also appeared on the scene interviewing Jonathan about beekeeping and he gave a very nice plug for our club.  The next day I received a swarm call from northeast of Effingham, and Dawn Quicksall retrieved a swarm that was hanging on a 5-bottom plow.  Yesterday Alan Shumaker retrieved a swarm way up in a tree for a lady in Altamont making her very happy to get rid of the bees.

Have any other club members been getting swarm calls?  If so, leave comments below, and if you have photos of the swarms please email them to me, so I can post them on the club website!

Below is Jonathan Donaldson working with the swarm at Effingham City Hall.

Below is Dawn Quicksall capturing the Silver Lake Swarm

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