Monday, September 10, 2012

Bee Extractions

The Crossroads Beekeepers met tonight, and Dave Dhom and Terry Hopper gave an excellent presentation on Bee Extractions and How to Charge What Your Service is Worth. 

Terry Hopper may be new to bee keeping, but he is not new to specialized businesses.  Terry shared how he grew a DJ business into a full service wedding reception business, and how he is able to receive a fair compensation for his service because he has (1) a specialized knowledge, and (2) specialized equipment.  Terry encouraged the bee keepers in attendance that they have specialized knowledge in working with thousands of animals that sting, specialized equipment for bee extraction, and should be justly compensated for the services performed. 

Dave shared his knowledge and experience in bee extractions including the types of equipment necessary to do the job properly, how to save the bees if possible, and how to make sure other swarms do not return to the same location next year.

Next month's meeting, October 8th, will feature Mike Benslay, beekeeper from Strasburg, on how to prepare your hives for winter.

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