Monday, January 12, 2015

Weather for January 12 Meeting & Bee School

1pm Update: I just drove the post office in Effingham, and streets are clear without any ice.  I also don't see any precipitation on the radar, so I think we are good to go for Bee School 2015 and for the January meeting of the Crossroads Beekeepers.  See you there!!! 


We are keeping a close eye on the weather for tonight's monthly meeting and the first night of Bee School 2015.  At 7:45am the road surface is fine with only water and no ice in town.  I cannot speak for hiways and Interstate conditions.  If we decide to cancel tonights meeting/school information about the closing will be posted at this site, on our facebook page at , and on the radio at WXEF 97.9FM.

If you would like to make a post about weather conditions, please use our facebook page as it will be monitored throughout the day.

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