Tuesday, June 16, 2015

ISBA Summer Meeting

Hello Beekeepers!!!  I got the e-mail below from Eleanor and she asked me to share it with you.  We hope to see you at the summer meeting.

Happy Beekeeping!!

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From: "Eleanor Schumacher" <bubblebubb@gmail.com>
Date: Jun 15, 2015 2:50 PM
Subject: Illinois State Beekeepers Association Summer Meeting, June 27th - Register today!
To: "Eleanor Schumacher" <bubblebubb@gmail.com>

Hello Beekeepers,

Just a note that today is the last day to sign up for meals at the ISBA Summer Meeting. If you are planning on coming, but don't have time to send in your registration today, you are still welcome to attend, but will not have a meal ticket. (If you miss this deadline, but still send your registration in this week, you can still sign up for meals, if you call Eleanor - I can try to arrange it).

~Sign up for lunch and dinner! (Please Read the Blurb Below)
~Bake a batch of morning snacks for an extra chance to win door prizes, raffles, and enter your baked goods in the "Made with Honey" Baking Contest. (Please Read the Blurb Below)

Here is the link to info about the summer meeting, and the registration form:

June 27, 2015
  -  ISBA Annual Summer Meeting
                            Evergreen Hollow Park,  Brown Pavilion

                            1110 Pelican Street,  Effingham, IL

The registration form should be postmarked by June 15, 2015 if you are including a meal with the registration.    Walk in registrations for the Summer Meeting will be accepted, but a meal may not be available.  

There will be live colonies onsite for various demonstrations, so please remember to bring your veil or any other protective equipment with you if you plan to take part in the apiary sessions.

After the meeting concludes,  an Evening Dinner/Jamboree will commence.   The cost for the Evening Event is $6 and the meal is included (BBQ & Fried Chicken).  

For those coming a long distance, one of the motels you can reserve at room at can be found at the below link:

Lexington Inn and Suites - Effingham, IL

The Baker’s Challenge
"The Baker's Challenge ~ Mid-Morning Snack Buffet"
All attendees are invited to participate in “The Baker's Challenge.”
It is a beekeepers' tradition in Southern Illinois to create a pot-luck refreshment table with as many homemade items as we can.
We are extending an invitation to all who are attending to participate in the Baker's Challenge. An extra door prize ticket will be awarded to those who bring a dozen muffins, a dozen cookies, a cake or similar item. If you want to further increase your chances of winning a door prize, bake more!
For every batch of a dozen muffins or cookies, you will get another door prize ticket. Items baked with honey are eligible for the 'Made With Honey' Bakers Competition, which will be judged and awarded at the mid-morning break."

Evening Picnic/Jamboree

The Evening Picnic and Jamboree will be held onsite following the Summer Meeting. Stay and enjoy live performances from beekeeper-musicians Rog n Bob, and Kent Williams. Enjoy another delicious buffet meal (Fried Chicken & BBQ Pork, sides and drinks included) for $6 per person

Thank you! Hope to see you at the ISBA Summer Meeting!

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