Sunday, December 13, 2015

Holiday Meeting

Tomorrow, Monday December 14 is our Holiday meeting.  It will be held at the U of I extension at 6:30 pm. We will be sharing snacks, visiting, & discussing bee school.  We will also announce & award Bee Keeper of the Year!!  As always it is free & open to the public.  Please bring a snack to share.

Lonnie Langley has negotiated a deal with Mann Lake for a bulk discount supplies order to be shipped to Bluff City after 1/20/16. Any club member may participate. Each individual order will be packed and labeled with the persons name and then placed on a palletized load which will be unloaded at Bluff Equipment in Bluff City. Each person will be responsible for picking up their own order during business hours within a couple of days.
1. Orders must be placed between 1/4/16 and 1/15/16. (899-880-7694)
2. At Mann Lake, talk to Ed or Andy and reference the Langley bulk order.
3. You are charged for your order when it is placed. (Pay pal, credit, debit)
4. No minimum order and you get a 12% DISCOUNT.
5. Your order will be boxed and labeled as part of the bulk order.
6. We will notify everybody when the order is in via email.
7. Questions or more details at the December meeting.
This is a great chance for people with small orders to get a good discount if you are willing to coordinate the pick up in a timely manner.

Merry Christmas

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