Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bulk Order Reminder

Lonnie Langley has negotiated a deal with Mann Lake for a bulk discount supplies order to be shipped to Bluff City after 1/20/16. Any club member may participate. Each individual order will be packed and labeled with the persons name and then placed on a palletized load which will be unloaded at Bluff Equipment in Bluff City. Each person will be responsible for picking up their own order during business hours within a couple of days.

1. Orders must be placed between 1/4/16 and 1/15/16. (800-880-7694)
2. At Mann Lake, talk to Ed or Andy and reference the Langley bulk order.
3. You are charged for your order when it is placed. (Pay pal, credit, debit)
4. No minimum order and you get a 12% DISCOUNT.
5. Your order will be boxed and labeled as part of the bulk order.
6. We will notify everybody when the order is in via email.

If you would like to order but it is too far for you to make the pickup at Bluff City, contact David Challans at dchallans<at>frontier<dot>com or six one eight three three nine three three seven five.  I may be able to arrange to pickup your items and bring them to the next club meeting after the delivery.

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